Manifesters - Albums

"No Struggle No Progress"

"A Tribute to DaJuan Lamar Gibson"

"The Promo"

Manifesters - Singles

"Post That"

"2011 Singles Collection"

"2010 Singles Collection"

Versifier - Albums

"Far Beyond" EP

"Diggin' In The Crates" Collection

"Stains From The Wishing Well" EP

"A Decade Unheard" vol. II

"A Decade Unheard" vol. I

"The Graveyard Shift" EP

"Study Break"

"Idiosyncrasy" the B-Side

"Beneath The Cover" EP

Versifier - Singles

"E-Cigs and Diet Coke"

"Such A Mess"

"Still Awake"

"Break Out"

"The Death of Dreams"

"Whiskey Tears"

Versifier - Star Wars

"The Lost Holocron - Wave 2"

"The Lost Holocron - Wave 1"

"The Dark Side" Single

  • Joel Imber feat. Versifier - Walk Through The Night (single)
  • Mamadu feat. Joe Adams, Dre Highway, and NiiBox - Black Hands (from Toki Wright's Mamadu Mondays)
  • Joe Davis feat. NiiBox - Raw (from Joe Davis "Black Gold" album)
  • Manifesters - Mixtape (from Big Jess "Honorable Mention vol. IV" album)
  • Versifier - The Cycle (from Big Jess "Honorable Mention vol. I" album)
  • Ernie Rhodes feat. NiiBox - Flava In Ya Ear Mix (from Ernie Rhodes "The Orbital Effect" album)
  • Oxcyde feat. Versifier - Global Poets (from Oxcyde "The Second Coming" album)
  • N-E-S feat. Versifier - Idiot Box (from N-E-S "The Anarchy Smiles" album)
  • Try-D feat. Manifesters - Jam Packed (from Try-D "The Dimensional Experience" album)
  • Left Field [produced by Online] - Let It Be Known (from Left Field self-titled album)
  • Left Field feat. Versifier [produced by Online] - Natural Disasters (from Left Field self-titled album)
  • Left Field [produced by Online] - Change of Pace (from Left Field self-titled album)
  • Left Field [produced by Online] - When I Spit (from Left Field self-titled album)
  • Versifier feat. Big Jess - After The Rain (re-released on N.E.Time Entertainment "Welcome to NE" album)
  • Versifier - Prince of Poetry (re-released on the Target Market "Corner Store Diseases" compilation album)
  • Gamble feat. Unknown Prophets, Lolo Kee, Manifesters, and Low Down - Doin' Our Thang Remix (from Gamble "Realities of Life" album)
  • Gamble feat. Versifier and C.L. - The Cypher (from Gamble "Realities of Life" album)